HACCP to HARPC Workshop Testimonials

“Nancy is very knowledgeable in food safety and her experience working with multiple industries helps her relate to every participant regardless of the product they produce.” – Jennifer Barry, Idaho Pacific Holdings

“Nancy is very informative and adds real-life issues to bring home the importance of food safety. This is a great class to take to find out exactly what you need in your plan to be compliant for FSMA. Instructor is very informative and has a wealth of knowledge. This is not PCQI class, it is much more useful for creating your food safety plan.” – Josh Rimmert, Alsum Farms and Produce Inc.

“By taking this course you will gain the necessary tools, knowledge, and guidance to create your food safety plan effectively as well as truly understanding the differences between HACCP and HARPC.” – Jillian Mitchell, Cappello’s LLC

“The instructor is amazing! Very hands-on and engaging. Never a dull moment! This course is a must to really understand what is truly needed.” – Stephanie McDonald, Vantage Specialties Inc.

“Nancy showed us how to take what we learned about FSMA in the PCQI course and write an affective and detailed food safety plan.” – Danielle Dutton, Rocky Mountain Spice Co.

“Nancy is an excellent instructor and extremely knowledgeable in the area of food safety HACCP and FSMA. The side-by-side approach to preparing a food safety plan was very helpful as was the preparation of a food safety plan in class.” – Sara Bowie, Bowie Consulting LLC

“Nancy takes the time to answer all of our questions throughout the presentation.  This helps understand better the guidelines, rules, etc. This is my 3rd class and I will continue to come to her classes! The training in Hazard Analysis in class helped so much to understand and what to lok for and how to be specific.” – Lluvia Perez, Inner-Eco

“If there is confusion on HARPC vs HACCP, take this class!” – Noah Stephens, VKGG Inc.