FSMA Template Toolkit For Animal Food


In order to create all of the 163 documents contained in this template toolkit from scratch, the average customer would spend around 350-400 man hours. That’s over $35,000 in salary loss and nearly three months of time. Our FSMA Template Toolkit For Animal Food does all of the prep work for you for a fraction of the cost and in no time! The Toolkit, which covers 21 CFR Part 507, Subparts B, C, and E Preventive Controls for Animal Food, provides Standard Operating Procedures and specific tools for generating the required Preventive Controls Food Safety Plan/HARPC in Subpart E. Separate Specific Hazard Analyses for just FSMA Preventive Controls and combined HACCP and FSMA Preventive Controls are included. Either method of creating the Food Safety Plan/HARPC is acceptable and is dependent on the customer’s preference.

This template toolkit is for animal food processing facilities and can be adapted to any process or animal food sector category, including pet food. The FSMA Template Toolkit For Animal Food is instantly delivered via download in a zip file containing either Microsoft Word or Excel documents (depending on the template or form). If you would like to receive a complete list of documents that are included with your purchase, please give us a call at 303-593-2757.

*Standard Operating Procedures:

  • Ready-to-go Program Templates following Part 507 elements making organizing easier for the user
  • Follows the required FSMA Part 507, subpart B, C, E
  • Subpart B: 39 SOPs (general cGMPs/PRPs)
  • Subpart C: 29 SOPs + Food Safety Plan Hazard Analyses and tools
  • Subpart E: Supply Chain Control Outline

*Food Safety Plan Preventive Controls Templates (compliant with FSMA and HACCP/GFSI)

  1. Hazard Analysis for Preventive Controls
  2. Hazard Analysis for Preventive Controls and Codex HACCP combined
  3. Ingredient Hazard Analysis for Preventive Controls
  4. Preventive Controls for Processing Outline
  5. Preventive Controls for Allergens Outline
  6. Preventive Controls for Sanitation Outline
  7. Preventive Controls for Supply Chain Outline
  8. Other Food Safety Plan required documents: Recall, verification, etc.

*95 ready to use excel forms for recordkeeping

*Soterian Systems® organizational and implementation tools

*Customizable for any Organization implementing PC for Animal Food

If you have any questions about this FSMA Template Toolkit For Animal Food prior to purchase, please call us directly at 303-593-2757.